Global Awards business case: Fliegel Textilservice; ‘ Five-Stars’ Non-Stop Textile Service (Germany)

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Market Area: Hospitality (hotels)

Fliegel Textilservice started with an exceptional business model: first, acquisition of hotel assignments, second, building up a laundry. Unbelievable, but it worked; a textile service for five stars hotels! Hotel textiles delivered within 24h and seven days a week, a new cutting-edge dimension to the metropolitan service of Berlin. Furthermore, five star concepts are present at Fliegel’s in all areas.


‘Five Stars’

‘Five Stars’ is a mission statement at Fliegel Textilservice, including the organization of events. Fliegel is focussed on hotels and invests heavily in target group marketing, for example in conventions for housekeepers. The Fliegel convention took place as “Fliegel, meeting and enjoying 2014” in the Radisson Blu Hotel in Berlin. Keynote speaker Edgar Itt, Olympic bronze medallist of Seoul 1988, explained how to overcome even private obstacles for success. The local media informed about the event organized for 90 hotel housekeeping managers coming from Berlin, Magdeburg, Leipzig and Rostock. An example out of a number of exciting special activities by Fliegel.

By standard, being different, Fliegel Textilservice organizes golfing tournaments, motor cycle tours or e.g. a summer inauguration-party for the new headquarters in Berlin-Neukölln. Yearly organized housekeeping-events are well received, offering networking possibilities amongst colleagues, interesting presentations and the rewarding amenities of being guest at a first-class hotel. Pictures can be viewed on the Fliegel website.


Housekeepers as liaison officers

Moreover, every month Fliegel organizes a regular’s table for housekeeping-managers. Franz-Josef Wiesemann, CEO of Fliegel Textilservice, is convinced of housekeeping-managers being the main liaison officers communicating between textile service companies and hotels. “They are able to evaluate best our performance”, he emphasizes. Regular’s tables are set at one of the participating housekeeping-manager’s hotel, which is introduced on that occasion.

A small attention at Christmas time is the personalized Christmas calendar by Fliegel’s, filled with classy Lindt-chocolates. The cover photo shows the 15 employees of the Fliegel’s logistic headquarters. They are acquainted with the housekeeping-managers by telephone contact. From the start, confidence and reliability have been the basis for success at Fliegel Textilservice. Fliegel received the WRP Star 2014 for outstanding marketing.



Fliegel Textilservice was founded by Wilfried-Udo Andree and Hubert Emming, one notary, the other banker. Hubert Emming started to offer something nobody had before in Germany: a laundry service 24h a day, 7 days a week. That was a service no other competitor could deal with. “They had adapted their service to the standard 5-days-a-week working hours”, Franz-Josef Wiesemann explains – former executive director of Deutsche Bank. In 2003, after Hubert Emming had passed away, he took over the general management of Fliegel Textilservice. August 1992, a production plant was launched in Nowe Czarnowo, Poland – with a production of 500 kg per day and 20 employees. Within 23 years, production of Fliegel Textilservice rose to 120 – 140 tons daily and 900 employees.


Networking with Servitex

Since 2008, Fliegel Textilservice is member of Servitex. Servitex conjoins economically independent textile service companies, specialized on hotels and hotel chains. The new office building of Fliegel Textilservice, located at Weserstr. 118, also hosts Servitex headquarters and chairman Karsten Jeß. Karsten Jeß generates framework contracts destined to hotel chains for all Servitex members in Germany. With a 35% share of turnover in the group and three production facilities, Fliegel Textilservice is an important partner of Servitex. The Fliegel facility located in Leipzig is also member of DTV, the German textile service association.

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Reference: WRP 10/2015, p. 30/31.