WOPCOM Blog: CWS-Repositioning – Focus On Responsible Business Development, by Dr. Geert Böttger

Since some months CWS implemented it’s repositioning very visible. Light pink and coral red signal flashy that CWS is changing. Away with the modest red and blue of the old CWS boco logo! Changed to extremely visible pink and coral red blocks as background for a straight black CWS and service messages. Also, CWS does not stand any longer for the abbreviation of the founder’s name. Now CWS means now: Clean Well Safe. The claim is the name.

CWS is changing severely. The integration of the acquired Initial business has been a major step for CWS boco in 2017, 2018, and is still ongoing, but the new corporate image and revealed in 2019 goes beyond that and is more than just a change in image and colours. It marks a new strategy.

On the one hand all the brands under the CWS-boco umbrella have been unified. No longer boco, Initial, to name only the most prominent of the approx. 20 brands, which the CWS branding team was counting. On the other hand, the new name and its claim Clean Well Safe is opening up for a wide range of possible services and sets out a strategic guideline for the future, which is thoroughly based on two ideas. (1) offering system solutions and (2) sustainability as backbone for the whole company development. The recently published CSR-report 2018/2019 from CWS is spelling that out in details of 2018.

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