Finalists GBPAP 2022 confirmed!

Last week the applicants for the Global Best Practices Awards 2022 received their ackowledgement of being selected as an “Official Nominee”.

This week the Finalists for presenting a 3 min. Pitch in the Final received their confirmation.

Out of a total of some 100 nominations the international selection committee selected 45 GBPAP 2022 Nominees in the three categories Retail Textile Cleaning SME, Retail Textile Cleaning Big and Industrial Textile Services. These companies are based in 35 countries in all continents.

The application periode has been closed now and the finalists can start preparing their pitches for the presentation on October 21st next in the Conference Room at Fiera Milano during the first day of Expo Detergo. In the morning Industrial Textile Services nominees are scheduled and in the afternoon the Retail Textile Cleaners will do their pitches. This is followed by the Grand GBPAP 2022 Ceremony.

October 20th next the Meet & Greet is planned in the afternoon in the Palazzo Castiglioni, Corsa Venezia 47 in Milan.

For more information on the program, see the CINET website: