“Monkeypox” virus

Over the past period, there have been various reports about the so-called “Monkeypox” virus. This virus does not cause smallpox, but is an “envelope” virus (like Covid 19) that can be transmitted through rodents. To better indicate this, RIVM uses the description Monkeypox (MPX).

CINET received questions whether this virus can transmit “aerosol” (through the air) contamination from person to person and whether specific safety measures should be taken. The International Hygiene Advisory Committee (IHAC) conducted a further investigation and consulted experts worldwide. IHAC conluded that there are indications that aerosol contamination cannot be ruled out, especially when, for example, contaminated textiles are sorted.

IHAC recommends applying the common cleaning protocols for Corona, as previously distributed. However, do not store MPX contaminated material, but clean it directly. The IHAC Update can be found at https://www.cinet-online.com/international-hygiene-advisory-committee/ .