Acquisition & Expansion by Cents

US-based technology company Cents has acquired Starchup, a provider of pickup and delivery, POS and drycleaning software.

Through this acquisition, the company stated it will be able to reinforce its existing pickup and delivery platform by adding functionality and further investing in new tools and features to help laundromat owners and dry-cleaning operators grow their businesses.

Although the company has increased pickup and delivery innovation through on-demand and gig-based delivery integrations, this acquisition is stated to “advance the company’s commitment to providing robust delivery systems for pickup and delivery operators who have invested in their own fleets of vans and drivers.”

The acquisition is at the same time as the formal launch of Cents Dispatch, a site of pickup and deliver products and integrations developed by the merger of Starchup’s PUD platform with the product Cents has developed for gig economy pickup and delivery. Nick Chapleau, Starchup’s CEO will join Cents as the head of Cents Dispatch and will be responsible for the continued education, development and advancement of the product.