New on WOPCOM: The international knowledge platform for Professional Textile Care

24/7 industry information available from all over the world. That is the intention behind the WOPCOM website, which has been on the web for some time now. Clear and accessible layout and supported with search functions. A wide range of information is available quickly and simply, including market reports, scientific studies, publications, technical research results, benchmark studies, et cetera.

Current info

The latest information has recently been posted regarding the Clean this summer in Atlanta: a report of the fair, with short impressions of the main international providers, et cetera.

Furthermore, the research report; “Fibres, Textiles and Clothing: quo vadis in a world of increasing environmental awareness? Expert visions by Industry Peers”, written by the Flemish scientist Paul Kiekens, professor emeritus at the University of Ghent.

You will also find various new publications from The Guild of Launderers & Drycleaners, including an “Amber Alert” and a “Classification of Fibers”. The Guild is a renowned English institute that designs, participates in or reports on research and produces many publications on often technical subjects.


IHAC info

The publications of the International Hygiene Advisory Committee (IHAC) will also be available on WOPCOM. This independent committee of experts in hygiene, working in healthcare, academia and/or the chemical industry, evaluates the possible contamination risks of (new) viruses and makes recommendations for safe and effective cleaning processes for employees and customers. The results of the investigations are often made available in legible “Updates”.


CINET Books & Publications

Naturally, on WOPCOM you will also find all information about the publications Cinet has released, such as the six books published in recent years, about “State of the Art” Textile Care cleaning treatments and technology, international market trends and developments, innovations in the industry, new business models and services and the transition that the industry is going through to digitization, automation and robotization. In this line, the presentations and pitches of participants in the Global Best Practices Awards 2022 will soon be available on WOPCOM.

For more information: The World of PTC Community – CINET – The International Committee of Textile Care (