Personal encounters, plenty of information & Fun at Expo Detergo!

Expo Detergo is a well-known name for many decades. The home base of “Dry cleaning” of yesteryear, in a country where more than 11,000 family businesses were active in the 1960s and 1970s and no fewer than three trade organizations represent the interests of this industry.

Professionalism has also taken place here in recent years. Although the number of companies has decreased, the company size has increased enormously. There were also more industrial laundries and the attraction of this fair in Europe grew.

Personal explanation

Expo Detergo is known worldwide as a leading exhibition in modern textile care. About 300 suppliers are present with an extensive stand and overview of the “state of the art” in modern textile care and to demonstrate the latest new developments. Face-to-face meetings are still the best way to discuss and discuss specific issues. The knowledge of suppliers when it comes to the application of new technology is often indispensable. And explanation about the most optimal solutions for problems is, as so often a welcome and valued source of information. The VEMATEX suppliers are also happy to assist you with this. Prepare your trip and ask them in advance to support and serve you.

Wide range

It is common for new products and services to be introduced at major international trade shows. That is no different at Expo Detergo. It is expected that you will be able to view new cleaning technical solutions, see new quality finishers for larger volumes at work, and be informed about robotics solutions, automation and Big Data applications. Just to name a few things. At a trade fair there is usually more opportunity to discuss matters in depth and to reach an interpretation and conclusion with experts.

Italian Fun In addition

Milan is of course a fantastic city to visit one of the typical Italian restaurants or other entertainment venues in the evening.