New protocols for laundry safety?

A joint research project between the Textile Services Association and De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) in the UK was aimed at creating a hygiene protocol test for laundries. The two organizations have recently announced the results, which are to help guarantee laundry is cleaned hygienically.

The basic target of this research was creating a testing method to discover the ability of any laundry process to disinfect textile items. Owing to Covid, the temporary emphasis of the research project switched to determine whether Coronavirus could survive and be transmitted by textiles. The research team were able to determine that human models of SARS-CoV-2 could survive on textiles for up to 48 hours. The research also found that if laundry was washed at 40°C and above, no trace of the virus was being found in the laundry load. This could prevent a pointless increase in the industry’s carbon footprint, because demands for 90⁰C washes prove to be unnecessary.

The study was run by Professor Katie Laird, a microbiologist Professor Laird at DMU. She stated that her team has created an internationally acknowledged protocol for standardizing the assessment of the decontamination of laundry – an important progress for the laundry industry and the next phase of research will be equally exciting for other sectors.