PTC in a WINNING Mood at the GBPAP 2022

The Better way to do Laundry

 On October 20th  and 21st  next at EXPO Detergo in Milan, the 5th Edition of the GLOBAL BEST PRACTICES AWARDS will be organized by CINET.

After very successful earlier editions with full conference rooms at the show in Milan and 26.000 followers worldwide of the streamed edition in 2020 during COVID, CINET decided to do the next edition of the GBPAP this year in spite of the current very difficult crisis circumstances. The focus is on successful entrepreneurs to share their success and inspire the industry to set up new services meeting rapidly changing customer demands.

OVER 100 Showcases

Good showcases of excellent new initiatives of innovative retailers and industrial textile services companies will be presented. The organization expects over 100 participants in this program from over 40 countries around the globe. Cases of excellence in conveniency services supported by advanced digitization and online communication, the best sustainability, exciting new opportunities in circularity, robotization/automation to process more effectively and efficiently and of course the need for more hygienical treatments on the longer run. Hence, the program during these days will focus on all those issues and present experts to address the topics in a clear and transparent language.

2022 and a sneak future preview

To be able to meet customer demands, further automation is inevitable. Processing at acceptable costs will step by step require larger volumes and accurate treatments. These days modern IT solutions are available to do this, resulting in sustainability to the highest standards and important cost savings at the same time.

OnDemand software, modern marketing techniques and services to personal demands lead to profitable new businesses, also in these difficult times.

Robotization and automation is introduced in industrial processing already and will create new exiting opportunities. A sneak preview of 2050 will be provided by experts in Robotization.

Improving Textile Use = Improving sustainability

Professional Textile Care according to Best Practices is 3 – 5 times more sustainable than washing at home. That is the key message to customers, governments and other stakeholders. A tremendous market opportunity for the industry. Optimizing the usage of textiles creates an enormous EXTRA CO2 reduction.

Intensifying of textile use = improving textile sustainability

Sustainability is a key issue in society. Professional Textile Care is the sustainable option, but  textile service creates also attractive options for an extended product lifetime and can create better circumstances for recycling.

The effect of extending textile lifetime on the sustainability of textile use is immense. Very significant reductions in CO2-emissions and water consumption can be achieved by prolonging the present average lifetime of textiles in the consumer market to the technical lifetime.

Hygiene challenges in 2022 and beyond

Touches upon the two viruses that circulate globally and the way CINET supports the laundries in minimizing the risks in treating contaminated textiles avoiding human transmission. Both at the end user side, as well as in the laundry.

The independent International Hygiene Advisory Committee reacts swiftly on any new outbreak, writes hygiene recommendations and communicates these with all CINET members.