IHAC: no big outbreaks expected

The International Hygiene Committee (IHAC) expects no major outbreaks the coming months. This week the committee met to discuss the current situation and assed the risks on significant outbreaks of new Corona variants, MonkeyPox, Bird Flew and other viruses.

There are no signs of serious outbreaks, despite the fact that vaccination percentages in countries seem to lower and hence creates less protection and therefore more uncertainty. Of course the upcoming winter might increase infection figures. At the same time the effects of the current Covid variants seem also less severe.

Nevertheless the protocols in Health Care regarding COVID are still applicable and isolation of Covid intected patients is still in place. Hence, the delivery of COVID19 contaminated textiles in red bags is still advised and confirmed by the Dutch RIVM. The recommended protocols for MonkeyPox are quite similar and effective as assed up till now. Further info on the protocols is available at the CINET website, button IHAC.