WOPCOM Blog: Soil Contamination by PERC

Worldwide Perc is widely used as the main solvent for Textile Cleaning by professionals. However, in many countries dry cleaners are not aware about the risks for human beings and the environment this (might) bring(s). In many countries there is no appropriate legislation or legislation is is not maintained. The results will be devastating for the future sustainability of dry-cleaning companies.

For this reason CINET has developed the promotion & PR of implementing Best Practices in professional dry cleaning! The Global Best Practices Awards Program has been set up to stimulate sustainable processing in the PTC industry and also to demonstrate capability of the industry to do so worldwide.

Adapting Best Practices in the professional textile services and textile cleaning, has proven to bring the best sustainable solution for textile cleaning possible:

  • 24% lower CO2 exhaust
  • 35% – 80% less water usage

Resulting in 3-5 times better performance compared to domestic textile cleaning. This requires though also to clean up historic contamination, when present.

The full BOSATEX article demonstrates that a proactive approach in soil remediation is possible and paid off in the Netherlands.

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