Read the PTC industry expert view of Peter N. M. Wennekes, President of CINET: Up to 50% PTC market growth in just 5-10 years!

The last couple of years CINET carried out a vast number of research studies. These studies covered PTC market assessments, business drivers, applied and scientific research on (new) technologies, innovation, legislation and bench mark studies. They involved all major PTC markets around the globe. The main results were laid down in documentation and publications in the series “The World of PTC”. The studies indicate an accelerated pace of PTC innovation and new applied technologies, resulting in a tremendous increase of market potential and opportunities. The future is not about decreasing markets but about grasping market opportunities, developing new innovative business models addressing current, but most of all new target groups and (potential) clients.

The Volume 5 edition presents the results of extensive market research on (the need for) new PTC business models. Increase market penetration in BtoB markets, address opportunities of implementing new technologies and above all, focus on massive consumer markets with mass customization business models. Today’s available processing and online communication technologies allow a strong decrease in cost price of many textile services, delivering higher quality products to personal needs. New generation consumers will open up exciting new business potentials, with a calculated turn over increase of up to 50% in the next 5 – 10 years.

We wish you all success in setting up new businesses, inspired by the showcases presented in this book. CINET will be glad to be of service whenever or where ever needed.

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