Female laundry entrepeneur in India explains her way to success

Many people do not enter their core profession right after school and will at first explore different fields or sectors before settling in what they feel to be ‘the right job’.

Prathibha V. from Hyderabad in India only entered the laundry business after some time being active on the job market. During this period she found her passion to be an entrepreneur.

When interviewed in a magazine she offered various visions on entrepreneurship and the laundry business. First of all, she is convinced that there is an inbuilt ‘entrepreneurship’ in every woman. She herself started her first laundry 2 years ago and the initial income was very low. However, nowadays she has 2 stores and a six-digit figure income. By now she has also learned that it takes a lot of effort and money to become successful. She also discovered that women seem to have a natural knowledge of garments. Because of that she likes to work with women, since that also seems to be the reason that women choose this business. To be successful in this business it is not only vital to be friendly and patient to customers, but also be professional in the way you organize the work you and your team do. And of course, regular staff training is a necessity. When it all goes well, the business becomes part of your proud self and one day the success will be yours.