Mr. Marien van Bezooijen, Managing Director Gotli Labs AG

Gotli Labs: Linking systems, real time info

Machines have been linked together for some time to improve the productivity and efficiency of laundries. But, how can you optimize that further. Marien van Bezooijen of Gotli Labs explains in more detail: “the focus is currently mainly on the “lean” side; machine learning, real-time links and information available just in time. Further, production forecasting, maintenance planning with suppliers, integration with Human Resource systems, etc. Solve problems immediately when they arise. That’s the motto. If something stands still, that is the immediate cause for action.” America offers a lot of perspective for Gotli-Labs. More contacts have been made and the number of training courses has increased considerably. Van Bezooijen: “Globe is a toolkit with many useful tools, but you have to learn how to use them properly”.

Photo: Mr. Marien van Bezooijen, Managing Director Gotli Labs AG