Future perspective on Textile Services; an update of the roadmap to 2030

Textile Services, still 5 times more sustainable than domestic washing and enormous growth potential, due to new developments and changing market characteristics.

On December 6th FTN, the Dutch association for launderers, hosted a meeting highlighting the future perspective on Textile Services.

De Road Map and the Future Perspective on Textile Services are the connection between the past and future. This past year the durability of the Road Map, drafted in 2011, was checked and reviewed. In cooperation with representatives from all market area’s, technical experts and FTN members. If necessary the topics, that are still current, were updated.

Especially due to the exponential developments of the past years in area’s such as: ICT, Internet, big data and robotics. International speakers elaborated on this, one statement: “Every 2 years, the digital innovations are grows as much as the total of all previous years combined”.

These developments and techniques enable the industry to further enhance the efficiency and quality of processes, as well as developing and providing new services.  This means an enormous growth potential for the industry:

  1. Societies and markets change rapidly
  2. Expectations from end-users and so service organizations change, effecting the expectations towards laundries as well
  3. General message: higher added value, less cost (of ownership)
  4. Each market segment has its own characteristics and trends, however in general terms require comparable challenges
  5. Product types are quite different, An analysis on market characteristics and new services offer new perspectives

In line with the LTA program, the conclusion was renewed, that industrial laundry is up to 5 times more sustainable than domestic laundry.

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