$14 Million Investment for Veteran Center’s new Laundry Systems

The US Department of Veteran Affairs (FBO) National Acquisition Center announced the award of a new steam-less laundry system at VA Medical Center Bay Pines, Florida for $14 million dollars. VA Bay Pines healthcare laundry processes laundry for various VA Medical Centers and (outpatient) clinics.

As specified by the VA the offered systems are supplied by companies from all over the country, such as washing, extracting and drying systems by Pellerin Milnor Corporation; automated material handling systems by ETECH; finishing, quality management and folding systems by Chicago Dryer Company; process water systems by Thermal Engineering of Arizona, Inc. and Parker Industrial Boiler; cart washing/drying by McClure Industries, and numerous other ancillary support systems, production quality management and environmental support components.

It is anticipated that the new laundry operation will be fully operational around May 2020.