Technologies to improve laundry profitability

Since the commercial laundry industry has grown into a more profitable industry, technological solutions for this sector have improved. Optimising service delivery is now easier than ever – from first-rate intelligent washing machines to laundry tracking software. Consequently, the question may arise which solutions are most attractive in this respect? A short overview:

With polymer bead technology, commercial laundry services may realise an 80% reduction in water usage, a 50% reduction in energy usage, and a 50% reduction in detergent use. The introduction of software-driven management systems has led to optimisation and maintaining customer credits for returned textiles. The Internet of Things (IoT) too, has enabled laundry services to benefit in numerous ways.  Finally, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a valuable technological advancement. Computer chips are embedded in various pieces of linen, allowing laundries to track where their items are going and which stage of the washing cycle these items need to be directed to. For commercial laundries that supply their products to hospitality and healthcare companies, it minimises the risk of loss, mix-ups, and unnecessary washing.

In short, technological advancements in the commercial laundry service industry not only improve performance and value addition, but also enable to maintain sustainable operations.