1st Clean Business Forum 2017

2nd International Coin-operated Laundry EXPO 2017 Japan

The 2nd International Coin-operated Laundry EXPO 2017 took place in Yokohama, from Wednesday, November 29 to Friday, December 1. The EXPO was a big succes, with visitors getting an overview of the Coin-operated Laundry market in Japan. A highlight of the Expo was the 2nd Award for coin-operated laundry shops that attracted the most successful companies in the sector.

The Clean Business Forum Steering Committee also organized the 1st Clean Business Forum 2017. Textile care professionals had the chance to follow seminars on industry trends and latest case studies. Some of the most interesting topics covered include new business models in the Japanese market, such as the introduction of coin laundries into social apartments, clothing maintenance for the fashion industry etc. Furthermore, speakers presented sustainability issues (for example environmental concerns for textile services to  from commercial facilities, hospitals, welfare facilities, HORECA or production factories ), and technology (e.g. the introduction of the “Smart Laundry” concept).

For more information, you can visit the International Coin-operated laundry EXPO site.