37.1% Revenues Drop for the Italian Retail Textile Cleaning Sector (SME) in 2020

In the Italian Retail Textile Cleaning market, the small firms and micro-enterprises account for 74% of the sector, having generated a sales volume of 1.3 billion euro in 2019 only. With the Covid-19 pandemic, in 2020 the sales volume of SMEs dropped by 37.1%, according to the figures contained in a report presented by Confartigianato in Detergo Magazine.

In 2020 the drycleaning and wetcleaning sector comprised 19,752 registered companies with 48,052 employees in total. In terms of figures, the revenue loss is equal to 499 million euros in the year of the pandemic. The heaviest impacted regions are: Lombardy (-144 million euros), followed by Emilia Romagna (-59 million euros), Veneto (-56 million euros), Lazio (-48 million euros), Tuscany (-43 million euros) and Piedmont (-33 million euros).