5àSec Inaugurates First Coin-Operated Laundry In Brazil

In Brazil, the 5àSec chain implements a business model that is very widespread in the United States and Europe: the self-service (coin-operated) laundries. The first unit was implemented in Belém, Pará, in the Northern part of the country.

The model caters to the population living in smaller apartments, with no space for washing machines. In addition to the traditional service machinery, the unit has a sewing service and, on the second floor, a coworking space that customers can use while waiting for the parts to be cleaned. The store also has wi-fi, television, pet friendly space on entrance and vending machine with snacks.

The entire operation is done via a mobile application. The back of the store has the traditional laundry service, for those looking for a washing for delicate items or a special treatment for some items, such as revitalization, ironing, dry cleaning or the bactericide service, which has been very popular. sought to assist in the well-being and in improving the immunity of families.