80% savings of drinking water or 50 showers

Currently, about 5% of all laundry is washed by Professional Textile Cleaners (PTC). This means that in developed countries 95% is still washed at home in the normal washing machine. Scientific studies show that professional washing process uses significantly less energy and the outsourcing of washing leads to high savings of drinking water: 35% to 80%.

The savings in water consumption are also much bigger. Research shows that when outsourcing, in an average wash cycle a saving of more than 15 liters (more than 35%) of water can be achieved. This water saving is realized by the use of advanced technology for reusing water. With the use of the most modern technology, water consumption can be reduced to just 2 liters per kg of textile.

For example for The Netherlands, each Dutch person could save nearly 3500 liters of water annually by outsourcing domestic laundry.