Laundry automation, at Texcare International, in Frankfurt, Germany (June, 2020)

At Texcare International, from 20 to 24 June 2020, machinery and plant manufacturers from all over the world will be presenting their smart solutions for the laundries of tomorrow. The focus will be very much on artificial intelligence and smart information systems, which will help maximise the degree of automation within the sector. As well as Texcare International, Messe Frankfurt organizes specialist trade fairs and conferences for textile care in all the economically most important regions of the world.

Main topics during Texcare International in Frankfurt

The be-all and end-all for the laundry sector is the ability to monitor the quantity, quality and storage location of the textiles that are circulating on site, at all times. The data collected form the basis for precise price calculations, throw up any weak points in the system and serve to provide documentation for third parties. But it is only when all the machinery and plant involved in a given textile service are interlinked on a single network that the logistics of the laundry service run seamlessly, with minimal down-time of the machinery, reduced quantities in circulation and the resultant increase in productivity that is closely associated with it.

  • Some of the main topics addressed at the fair:
  • Transparent tracking for each individual laundry item
  • Robots for the soiled laundry area
  • Real-time laundry processes
  • Data in the laundry
  • Smart to the very end of the chain
  • User friendly apps

The productivity of a laundry depends on unbroken process flows and transparent commodity streams. Thanks to increasing digitalisation and consistent integration of data, the through-put of textiles in laundries is being continually improved. The solutions required for automation in the sector are therefore a high priority at Texcare International, from 20 to 24 June in Frankfurt am Main.