GreenEarth Cleaning is developing ‘BlueSea’ solutions

As commonly known by now, millions of microplastic fibres are released into the world’s wastewater treatment systems when garments containing polyester are laundered. This plastic is developing a considerable danger to the world oceans’ ecosystems as it enters the food chain at the micro level.

For the past 20 years, GreenEarth Cleaning claims to have been providing an environmentally friendly solution to thousands of drycleaners around the world who in turn have cleaned some 500 million pounds of clothes during that time. However, the company’s environmental focus has now changed to addressing the microplastic challenge posed by the laundering of polyester clothing.

Greenearth currently is testing ways to filter the microplastic fibres out of the discharge from washing machines used to launder – rather than dry-clean – clothing, so that the microplastic fibres are never released in the first place. It is the company’s goal to make all garment care safe for our planet, whether using closed loop dry-cleaning machines or filtered washing machines.”