A Milnor success story in France …. Gallia Laundry

Located in Chartres, France, Gallia is a third-generation family-owned laundry that has steadily grown in the hospitality market. The laundry has specialized in providing linen rental services for hotels in the Parisian region and its surrounding areas.

Since 2004, Gallia has been able to increase its production from five to 30 tons (66,000 lb) of linen processed per day. The laundry operates 7.5 hours per day, five days per week with one team of 49 dedicated employees. In 2017, Gallia opened a new plant which presented a good opportunity to invest in new equipment. Early 2018, Polymark Laundry and Milnor International were commissioned to replace the old 9-module 76028 CBW with a brand-new PulseFlow batch washer. Apart from that, a new  40 bar single-stage press was decided upon.

The tunnel installation was completed in April of 2019 and since then the laundry has gained efficiency in laundry processing by increasing the amount of linen processed, while benefitting from shorter process times and water savings. Additionally the annual turnover has developed to around €6.8m with a profit margin of about 10% and controlled growth of 5% per year.