A New and Sustainable Business Model: The Make Slow Fashion (NL)

The Make, a new initiative in the field of Sustainability was launched in The Netherlands. This “slow fashion” brand will offer quality, durable and timeless items for a larger group of women. The brand is only offered online without intermediaries, so that a personal relationship can be created with the consumer.

Moreover, they are committed to sustainability. All items are produced in-house in Europe and made of high-quality materials that will last for years. They also want to minimize the environmental impact of transport by not using warehouses, in order to avoid unnecessary trips. The company developed a first edition of a sustainable wardrobe consisting of thirty beautiful and timeless pieces of clothing, such as the white blouse with double lapels, a wool trouser suit and of course a classic trench coat with an oversized fit. In the coming period new items will be added that can be combined with the previous purchases.

Based on the vision that fashion does not have to be fast, they designed timeless, timeless and “seasonless essentials”. According to Lonneke van Boekel (Co-Founder), the company wants to make garments that the customers will cherish, season after season. In short, garments that need proper care, and this is precisely where the Professional Textile Care sector can play an essential role.