A new and sustainable dimension of washing from Germany – “Smart Washing”

The CHT Group from Germany – a worldwide operating group of companies producing specialty chemicals – recently developed a solution for sustainable washing processes, which is claimed to be revolutionary: “Smart washing”.

With the so-called SMART UV POWER washing processes are to be optimised in order to save valuable resources and to reduce the impact on the environment. Thanks to this technology the effluent load can be reduced in the washing process and water can be saved in the rinsing process. In the washing process a UV-C Reactor activates the complete washing liquor in the clear wash zone. During this process the liquor circulates several times in the tank before it enters the main wash process.  The process is completely free from chlorine and per acetic acids. Apart from that, it effects the washing processes also in terms of the durability of textiles.

The abandonment of chlorine obviously increases the durability of textiles. The measuring process of the average depolymerisation value shows that the damaging factor in multiple washing trials decreases. For instance, a cotton fibre has excellent values – even after 50 cycles with SMART UV POWER. The UV-C reactor is a unit which can be integrated quickly and easily in each modern batch tunnel washer.