A new investment program for CleanLease (Benelux)

CleanLease has recently brought a new investor on board, Active Capital Company (ACC). The investment company Egeria exits and transfers the operation to the new majority shareholder ACC and existing investor ACE. This strengthens CleanLease’s capital position to invest heavily in its production locations and organization in the coming years.


Investing in specialization

The new capitol will be used to improve the services to customers. Both in The Netherlands and Belgium the production facilities will be specialized so quality of service will improve through innovations in the process and logistics. Furthermore the investments will improve productivity.


New management

The change of investment company also means that changes are taking place within the management of CleanLease. The current CEO, Mr. Job Muller will be succeeded by Mr. Theo Lantinga, who has been shareholder and director of CleanLease from investment company ACE, since 2017. “I’m proud to announce that we can build up this company further together with our 1200 employees on 11 locations in The Netherlands and Belgium focusing on services that are close to our customers.