ABC Leadership Forum: The Next Generation Looks to the Future

The ABC leadership Forum focused on the perspectives of the next generation of dry cleaners and their role in steering the industry towards bigger destinations.

These young movers and shakers took the stage as they attempted to unpack answers to hot-button questions like how previous successes can be built upon in new, innovative ways, and how new technologies can play a role in future strategic planning and deployment.

The out-of-the-box strategic thinking these youthful leaders provided, tempered with the proper reverence for tenured stakeholders and procedures, struck the perfect note for the Leadership Forum series to go out on.

Chris White, Partner and Executive Director of America’s Best Cleaners, shared how impressed he was with the comradery and enthusiasm for the future the final Panel displayed. “This Panel went beyond what we envisioned in our planning. With this caliber of leadership, creativity, and imagination being deployed to solve the challenges ahead, our industry is in great hands. We couldn’t ask for a better send off to conclude this series.”