Advices In Times Of Corona From North-American RTC Companies

Several Retail Textile Cleaning companies that are members of DLI and America’s Best Cleaners (United States) participated in online sessions in which they shared advices in times of Corona. According to The Canadian Fabricare Association who took part of the virtual meetings, there are some important findings that can be summarized below:

  • If you reduce prices, you must have an end game
  • Offers special prices for (i.e. comforters) if sent in on a regular basis (i.e. every 2 to 3 months).
  • Concentrate on marketing to your existing customers
  • Use a catch slogan (i.e. Relax, Be Clean, Be Safe)
  • Attend a webinar
  • When marketing, concentrate on a customer area (look for a certain lifestyle)
  • Conduct a live ZOOM webinar for your customers – have them invite a friend (discuss what you are doing to keep them safe and the quality and service you provide – offer a draw for a gift card for attending
  • You need to advertise a minimum of 3 times for any results to occur
  • If you are a cleaner providing high quality cleaning and service – advertise the fact and let others know about it
  • Growth through constant marketing
  • Build relationships during these difficult times
  • Dedication of staff a result of good leadership
  • Involve staff in decision making
  • Stay positive and stay focused
  • Future planning – Be flexible and fluid
  • When planning, use data from 2020; build for smaller growth
  • Future planning – Course correct; Plan – course correct
  • Keeping some stores open for future strategic reasons (location, future sales, etc.)
  • Wash and Fold has shown substantial increases
  • Converted closed store to route delivery
  • Smaller cleaners closed stores and converted to pick up and delivery and took cleaning to another plant
  • Amalgamated some businesses into one plant and shared expenses according to each company’s volume
  • Help other cleaners get through the difficult time


Future predictions

Among the conclusions of the meetings are that the coming period will bring a structural change in the industry, with less owners. Being in the convenience industry, a result will be a higher quality with a higher focus on delivery and on current clients. As a result, better profit margins are expected in the future. The industry survivors will be better able to pivot to change