TUG robots transfer hotel and hospital laundry

Aethon TUG robots transfer hotel and hospital laundry

StarHub and ST Kinetics today jointly announced in Singapore a partnership to deploy Aethon TUG robot, to help automate material movement in business environments. The first application will be in three hotels to streamline the laundry supply chain process. TUG is an autonomous mobile delivery robot able to transport materials of up to 635 kg per trip. It is the flagship product of Aethon, a US-based robot maker belonging to ST Engineering’s land systems business.

This is the second robotics solution that StarHub has introduced to enable hotels, to manage repetitive or tedious tasks efficiently. The robot is integrated with a customer’s Wi-Fi infrastructure, and elevator and IT systems, enabling it to navigate autonomously on premises including opening doors as well as calling and riding elevators. As a result, service personnel are freed up to focus on their core tasks. In addition, the robots will help to alleviate the manpower crunch faced by many hotels. The robots can deliver items such as clean linen or dirty laundry, plying between the laundry room, central storeroom and guest floor storerooms.

StarHub is a Singapore fully-integrated info-communications company, offering a full range of information and communications services. ST Kinetics is the land systems arm of ST Engineering, an integrated engineering group. ST Kinetics employs a skilled workforce of some 5,000 people, 70% of whom are in engineering and technical roles.