African Forum of Textile Maintenance May 24-25th 2022 First Edition

The first edition of the ´´African Forum of Textile Maintenance´´ was held at the Abidjan Pullman Hotel on 24 and 25 May 2022. Under the impetus of the dynamics of this forum, the occasion of exchanges and reflections on the hygiene of textile treatment in the hospital environment. In fact, there is no specific organization for the treatment of the laundry. Often the families maintain the articles, including the flat linen. Around the hospitals of the “hospital villages” they take care of the treatment of the laundry of patients. Hygiene conditions do not exist.


From 24 to 25 May 2022 in Abidjan, the African Forum of Textile Maintenance Professionals officially launched its activities with the theme: “the role of whitening in improving the health care system and the economic development of African countries” .

This important launch has seen the participation of experts in Industrial and Hospital Laundry who work in synergy for the improvement of the hygiene of laundries in hospitals across Africa.

These are mainly Horizon Côte d’Ivoire Equipment, the Modern Côte d’Ivoire laundries, Horizon Academy Training Centre, African Laundry News (African Laundry Information Magazine), African Laundry Consortium (Conception, Production and Exploitation), l ‘National Association Pressing and Blanchisserie d’ALGERIE (ANPB) and well others.


Africa at its best

Panels, conferences, trainings and exchanges of high levels animated by experts, including the participation of Dr Joseph BOGUIFO President of the Association of Private Clinics of Côte d’Ivoire (ACPCI), Célestin Arthur YEBOUE DG of Horizon Equipments, of the DG of the CU CU CHU and Dr Meité DJOUSSOUFFOU and well of other emeritus and pre-eminent parties of the industry of the laundry industry.

The invited countries are in particular TOGO, BURKINA FASSO, MALI, ALGERIA, MOROCCO and TUNISIA.

Need for Standards

Quality standards are sought in Hospital laundries in order to provide patients with quality staffing facilities (clean, comfortable to the touch, comfortable) all while respecting the different stages of laundering and finishing to meet the objectives of physical, chemical and microbiological orders.


Improving Hygiene Conditions

The Symposium on Wednesday, May 25th resulted in many exchanges and aspirations in matters of Industrial and Hospital Blanching for the well-being of patients and nursing staff. A big step is franchise in improving the hygiene conditions of the laundry. The Forum was raising awareness of the need to improve the maintenance of textiles and structures.