Alliance, BÜFA, Cole & Wilson, Electrolux, Kreussler and Seitz, granted with Solvetex VI certificate (2018)

The goal of the Solvetex projects is to provide independent information for the global textile cleaning industry about the performance of the various available cleaning agents. In Solvetex VI, the cleaning performance of wet cleaning processes are evaluated under practical conditions to provide a reference for the professional textile cleaners. Wetcleaning processes meeting the minimum requirements are granted with a statement of achievement by CINET.

Throughout the PTC industry worldwide, there is also an increasing demand for independent information on the performance of the new wet cleaning processes in terms of cleaning performance, textile product quality, process conditions (including finishing) and required knowhow. This need led to the new benchmark project, Solvetex VI. The Solvetex projects are executed by TKT on behalf of CINET. The studies evaluate the cleaning performance of cleaning technologies in real life (practical) conditions to provide a reference for the professional textile cleaners.

The performance of wet cleaning processes was evaluated by setting a minimum of International standards on performance requirements to give an actual picture of the quality of the current wet cleaning technology. Quality aspects incorporated were stain removal, greying and dimensional change. Wet clean processes meeting the minimum requirements are rewarded with a statement of achievement by CINET. The statement of achievement is a proof to the market that the rewarded wet cleaning system meets with the quality standards of CINET for textile care processes for sensitive garments. The study is performed on 6 major international systems: Alliance, BÜFA, Cole & Wilson, Electrolux, Kreussler and Seitz.

The Solvetex VI documentation is available on CINET website (here!) For any further queries, please contact CINET Secretariat.

In earlier projects, Solvetex I, II and III the cleaning performance of the currently used solvents were evaluated, like PERC, HCS, Siloxane D5 (GreenEarth), Dibutoxymethane (Solvon K4), CO2, Rynex 3, iPura HCS and iPura siloxane D5. In the project Solvetex IV four wet cleaning systems were evaluated. The last years new solvents have entered the market, providing new opportunities and cleaning solutions. These results were laid down in Solvetex V.