Alliance Laundry Systems unveils new logo, website and mission statement

Alliance Laundry Systems launches laundromat concept in Kenya

Alliance Laundry Systems, a world leader in commercial laundry, has launched an effort to start up commercial laundromats in Kenya. By doing so, the company aims to tap the high demand of laundry services in the country.

The company is targeting entrepreneurs from major urban centers in the country who will receive full laundromat store concepts with all operational and technical support. The fast growing demand for laundry services and products, combined with a booming economy and annual growth of more than 6 percent, makes Kenya the ideal place to start a laundromat. Alliance attributes the lack of uptake of laundromats in the country to the lack of global best practice experience, limited local technical expertise and no specific retail cleaning knowledge.

To support this initiative, Alliance plans to have a number of demonstration events in Nairobi to explain in detail all benefits their laundromat concept has to offer to the general public and interested entrepreneurs.