Alliance Laundry to Discontinue Primus Brand in North America

Alliance Laundry to discontinue Primus brand in North America

Commercial laundry equipment manufacturer Alliance Laundry Systems announced that it will no longer sell Primus-branded equipment in the United States and Canada as of Nov. 1. The brand will continue to be sold globally outside North America. It should be noted that Alliance introduced Primus brand equipment to the North American market only in 2015, after an acquisition in 2014.

The decision to discontinue Primus sales in North America came because of significant overlap with Alliance existing products and target customers, according to the company. Eliminating the Primus brand in the North American market enables Alliance to sharpen its focus on the already strong reputations and brand awareness of its Speed Queen, Huebsch and UniMac brands. The company will continue to support installed Primus products through parts availability and its service and support network.