Alliance Opens Virtual Showroom

The result of the pandemic has meant scarce person-to-person contact and cancellation of the major textile care exhibitions with normally the latest trends, developments and innovations in the industry. Therefore, Alliance Laundry Systems LLC decided, if customers cannot come to physically see its products, it will take its range and solutions to them virtually.

Within the company, it became obvious that a need has arisen to employ digital methods to give 24/7 full information – just like at trade shows. Using the virtual showroom, it is easy to explain/demonstrate key benefits to potential buyers. Visitors can drop in any time and also share their experience with others with direct links to the Socials and emails.

The virtual platform makes products and services accessible for viewing and examination in an engaging and practical manner. Accoring tot Christophe Sisternas – the company’s vice president marketing international – explains that Covid-19 and lockdowns over long periods made it difficult to stay close to customers, hence the development of the virtual showroom. Besides he claims that investors in equipment and concepts need the latest news on brands and innovations.