Amber Alert: Hayley Paige Occasions Dress

With the attached label that uses no symbols in giving advice for their aftercare.

The Label could have used the care symbol above.

F meaning only petroleum solvents may be used, and the one or two bars placed under the circle indicates strict limitations on the addition of water and/or mechanical action and/or temperature during cleaning and/or drying.

The fact that it is 100% polyester indicates that it re-tains very little moisture and will therefore dry very quickly, in fact it only retains 0.4% moisture and when dry, if not cooled down and taken out immediately, pres-sure creases can be caused to the fabric.

Pressure creases on 100% polyester are extremely diffi-cult to remove to restore the original finish.

The cleaner could have wet cleaned the dress but this would be contrary to the instruction on the care label, therefore our advice would be to get the customer to sign a document advising that they have been made aware that an alternative cleaning process is being car-ried out to clean the item.

“Obviously we cannot say that other items of the same type will have the same problem, or that a different method of cleaning may have had a more satisfactory result, because this was not tested, but we advise cau-tion and that you carry out your own test if you are going to clean this type of garment."