And you? Are you joining the movement?

Currently about 5% of all laundry is washed by Professional Textile Cleaners (PTC). This means that in developed countries 95% is still washed at home in a domestic washing machine. In a recent study, it was shown that a professional washing process uses significantly less energy and the outsourcing of washing leads to a high savings in terms of drinking water (35% to 80%) as, well as major reduction in CO2 emissions (more than 24%), compared to domestic washing.

Research shows that when outsourcing, in an average wash cycle a saving of more than 15 litres (more than 35%) of water can be achieved.  This water saving is realized using advanced technology for reusing water. With the use of the most modern technology, water consumption can be reduced to just 2 litres per kg of textile, even a water saving of more than 80% is possible soon. In order to illustrate it, an average Dutch person could save nearly 3500 litres of water annually by outsourcing the home laundry.

“Sustainability is not just a cool word. It’s a movement.” (Peter Wennekes, CINET’s CEO). Click here for the Sustainability Manifesto text.