Annual International Team Convention: Management Tool for Success!

Christeyns, a market leader within the commercial laundry market, recently held its international Laundry Business Unit Conference in Marrakesh, Morocco.

Senior members of over 50 Christeyns’ businesses across Europe attended the conference. The conference is held annually to provide the entire staff with the opportunity to reflect on the successes and challenges of the past 12 months and to anticipate the coming year. Key issues such as industry trends, the impact of Brexit and exchange rate fluctuations are discussed, as well as looking at the laundry industry and new initiatives on a global scale. The company’s CEO Alain Bostoen and other members of the Gent HQ in Belgium were also present and the conference program included interactive workshops and financial updates.

With a continued focus on the environment and the challenges of producing innovative solutions, the company considers itself at the forefront of its field. It states to be constantly seeking laundry chemicals and systems that offer the best cleaning results.  At the same time the company continually aims for reducing operational costs and protecting the life span and quality of the linen. As Dave Aveyard, UK Operations Director put it: “Conferences such as this are essential for the success of the commercial division, because it provides an opportunity to talk to and learn from other colleagues across Europe.”