April 1st, “Corona Performance” Awards (Virtual Flower Bouquets) and a Positive Dialogue in CINET’s Members Networks

April 1st is always a day in which jokes between friends and loved ones occur. Also, according to a long lasting Dutch tradition, April 1st is the perfect context to bring a smile on our loved ones’ faces. 

Therefore, CINET has sent on April 1st to all members in the network a first email with an invitation to submit (in the same day only) their companies for a “Best Performance During Corona” Award (see below)

Those who answered have received the customized award, as follows:

CINET members sent enthousiastic responses. CINET would like to thank all its members for the email! See below some examples of the messages received.


Tsaknakis George (Carpet Clean Tsaknakism, Greece): “Thank you for the vitual flower bouquet and have a nice and productive April!

José Antonio Martín (MACRUN, Spain): ” I get it 🤣 Saludos!”

Cristina Zaman (Nufarul, Romania): “I didn’t see it coming 😂 ”

Jojo Asis (METROPOLE Laundry & Dry-Cleaners, Inc, Philippines): “Nearly a year after we resumed operations, we continue to be thankful to CINET for providing guidance when everyone else was grasping for protocols on how to keep the staff and customers safe. The 5-day rule provided our staff and customers confidence. The guidance of CINET has allowed us to reach our 28th year anniversary but importantly continue the employment of our staff and with inputs from CINET articles we have repositioned our services in the face of COVID.  We are back on lockdown but are more confident that we shall overcome based on our experience last year. May our experience be an example for our industry. In all honesty any AWARD should be given to Mr. Peter Wennekes for his valuable leadership during the most uncertain time.”