Are Customers Getting “App Fatigued?”

Nowadays, customers want convenience in their interactions with the companies they do business with – including dry cleaners. However, “convenience” might have a different meaning for different people. While downloading and using a smartphone app might be easy and useful for some people, it could be hard to deal with for others. Their device might already be overloaded with apps that “make their life easier.”

In order to fight this “app fatigue,” New York City-based dry cleaner Juliette recently introduced a new application. It offers a mixture of a native app experience with SMS capabilities, allowing the option of communicating via text. Rechelle Balanzat – founder and CEO of Juliette – explains that having knowledge on the needs and wants of their clients is crucial. She adds that “No-one wants to download another app. No-one wants to remember another password.” Since she founded her company in 2014, it has depended on online communication with customers since its beginning. They have used an app for pickup, communications and delivery as from the start.

The new system’s basic features and benefits include no required downloads or passwords. Besides, it is available via smartphone, tablet or desktop. In short, it functions easier: customers can text or get in contact through the app.