Are Packaging Methods a Strategic Tool in Commercial Laundry?

Recently IWA –a leading insurance provider specialized in Laundromats, Linen Suppliers, Uniform Suppliers  etc. – published soms insights on the significance of packaging in de Textile Care Industry. CINET presents an overview.

Everyone operating in the commercial laundry industry, knows that packaging methods play an important role, although packaging used to be an afterthought for businesses.

The method to use is a matter of preference  and working closely with clients to find the best methods, has become essential. It has become clear that the focus should be kept on prioritizing custom needs, minimizing loss or contamination, and upholding presentation. Although there are many factors to choose between, it comes down to what’s best for your goals. Saving money? Speeding up the process? The materials, sizes and thickness of items may also be difficult to choose from.

A vital element in your choice of packaging is the dry cleaners insurance, a need that  every laundry and dry cleaning company has. By using adequate packaging your company may be protected from claims of negligence or bad customer service. Although a dry cleaners insurance can provide the safety net your business needs to operate without interruption, when considering your packaging options, be sure to consider thoroughly and see what will suit your company the best in the long run. Cheap and easy may help at first, but it will do little for growth and long-term customer satisfaction.