Are sales processes changing in the laundry& linen services?

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many changes in the business environment. One of the most radical changes is the necessity for B2B businesses to buy and sell online. A recent McKinsey study shows that only a mere 20% of B2B buyers hope to return to in-person sales and that they have found digital service to be effective. The Harvard Business Review stated that the pandemic has made relationships, providing solutions the new ‘normal’ – instead of products – and that appropriate digital technology is part of this development.

An American PTC medium looked into the matter and asked around what laundry and linen services are doing in this newly developed sales and marketing strategy. How are coping to effectively reach and serve their customers? Emerald Textiles for instance – a provider of healthcare linen and laundry services headquartered in San Diego – pointed out that sales and new business for healthcare linen service providers have traditionally been conducted in person. However, according to the  company’s vice –president Robert Hines – the switch to virtual communication will remain as an alternative to conduct efficient, time-sensitive meeting planning with customers and known contacts.

In his opinion digital contracts have become an effective tool to improve readability, tracking changes and levels of review and approvals across organizations. According to Hines, digital contract quality is much better than the days of multiple scans, back and forth, pulling physical contract files and the need for multiple signatures to get fully executed.