Australian-UK partnership for Innovative Hot Water-Soluble Laundry Bags.

DB Packaging – an Australian distributor – recently launched hot water-soluble laundry bags. The bags can be used to contain dirty or contaminated laundry and dissolve in hot water. Therefore there is no plastic residue which may also cause less machine problems. The bags maintain the functionality of traditional plastic bags, but at the same time they  are also non-toxic, marine-safe and biodegradable.

In order to bring to market a range of cytotoxic laundry bags and food waste bags the company has worked with Birmingham UK–based manufacturer, Advent Packaging. The hot water soluble laundry bags are being made from that company’s Hydropol polymer pellets.  The ‘eco’ Aquapak version has the same strength, puncture resistance, barrier properties and durability of traditional laundry bags, but reduce the amount of contaminated bed linen which had to be burnt. The bags also take away the process of having to remove laundry from bags before washing. That is why  they eliminate occupational health and safety risks when there is heavily soiled, infectious or cytotoxic content. Cytotoxic linen is also easily identified. The bags can be supplied to hospitals and care homes, hotels and commercial laundries.

Apart from that, the company’s range of hot water-soluble food waste bags seem to have attracted attention of the food waste collection and anaerobic digestion processors.