BASF works together with UN on sustainable cotton

BASF has recently announced a new collaboration between their ‘e3 Sustainable Cotton’ programme   and the United Nations-hosted ‘Conscious Fashion and Lifestyle Network’. The company’s programme aims at bringing the industries closer by working on a transparent and traceable cotton supply chain.

The Conscious Fashion and Lifestyle Network is an online platform for industry stakeholders, media, governments and UN departments to accelerate the implementation of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Since the fashion and lifestyle sector has an enormous impact on societies and the environment, the network aims to encourage transparent, inclusive and transformative engagement of global stakeholders to stimulate urgent action for sustainability. It acts as an independent platform to assemble expertise, innovation, technology and resources towards a sustainable and inclusive Covid-19 recovery, with the SDGs as a guiding framework.

Jennifer Crumpler – regional seed sustainability and fibre development manager for BASF Agricultural Solutions – stated that sustainability is the responsibility of every company that wants to develop into the future. She also said that her company’s participation with the Conscious Fashion and Lifestyle Network may result in more awareness in how to create sustainable cotton clothing and a more transparent cotton supply chain for consumers.