Battistella’s 45 Years Anniversary

If the 40 years of Battistella BG of Rossano Veneto in the province of Vicenza were celebrated five years ago, it would have been in the sense of tradition and of family history. However, today in 2020, the celebration of the 45th anniversary had a totally different flavour.

According to Daniele Battistella, the company’s president, on 18 and 19 September the company has planned to celebrate 45 years with two days dedicated to the company and products. But in the current situation, where all the economic operators navigate on sight and in which the health and behavioural protocols are rather rigid, Battistella had to suspend everything. What has not been suspended is the will to innovate. Michele Battistella, commercial director siad that in September the company will launch our new website which will be simpler, more functional and of immediate use. A new commercial and marketing strategy to make the functioning and quality of the products understood in a direct and immediate way .