Berlin-based Jonny Fresh is expanding and starts cooperation with VW

Jonny Fresh recently took over Berlin’s Rocket competitor Zipjet and is expanding its market share throughout Germany. The take-over was preceded by a successful round of financing, the purchase of the Munich competitor CallForClean and expansion into five other cities.

At the beginning of this year, the company introduced the” Office Service “with the purchase of the Munich-based dry-cleaning company CallForClean. In this service, workers give their laundry to laundry stations located in the company.  More than 50 companies throughout Germany are already using the “office service”. Owing to the recent expansions, the company is now offering its mobile laundry service in 13 major cities in Germany as well as in Vienna, Austria.

In addition, the company recently officially announced the cooperation with the Volkswagen online service “We Deliver”. As a cooperation partner of Volkswagen, the laundry service provider will pick up laundry from the car and after cleaning and ironing, return the laundry back into the car. The vehicle is unlocked and locked via a unique encrypted access code. The “We Deliver” car delivery service started after a detailed test phase in mid-September. The service is to be offered throughout Germany to all private customers with a serviceable car.