Bernstein launches consulting firm

David Bernstein has launched a new consulting firm, Propeller Solutions Group, LLC, offering services primarily to the laundry industry. Bernstein is returning to consulting after a 5-year period during which he established and led Lapauw USA. The new firm will begin offering services immediately.

Bernstein: “I am honoured and privileged to have led Lapauw USA, a company whose people and products I respect and admire, but when I identified an opportunity and a need for a new consulting firm, I had to pursue it. I have a passion for helping people and organizations reach their greatest potential through the services and training programs my experience, education, and talent allow me to offer. Providing these services is something I have been missing ever since I left the consulting world five years ago.”

With the new company Bernstein aims at being a provider of laundry engineering, training, and consulting services, with the goal of helping clients and their businesses reach new heights of revenue, profit, throughput, and customer retention.