Blossoming Business Based on Pragmatism!

Home and Dry garment care and home service in the UK has opened three facilities since the start of the Covid crisis. It is the result of their pragmatic approach to the effects of the pandemic. Their latest addition was a brand-new receiving shop that fulfils the gap when the drycleaner had to close its doors several months ago.

Opening offers included a special on duvets, both synthetic and feather, to make customers realize that hygiene and good housekeeping are essential in these times too. The previous occupants of the new premises – an apparel hire company which consolidated from two locations to one – had created a space which was already of a good standard. Home and Dry improved the space by applying their branding, freshening up the interior and adding a new counter and ePOS system. They felt it was important to demonstrate that a modern, clean interior fit out sends the message and reassurance that a reputable cleaner was in town again.

As a member of the team happened to be a fully trained florist, the company decided to include additional offerings such as flowers, balloons and gifts delivered through their current laundry delivery network. Already a proven success!