Blycolin takes over Dutch laundry De Blinde

Blycolin, partner in linen service for hospitality companies for almost 50 years, takes over De Blinde laundry. De Blinde was part of Floronet and is one of the larger laundries in the Netherlands specializing in the processing of catering textiles.

Blycolin buys all business activities of De Blinde.  This company has had its knowledge since 1910 and expertise in washing of catering textiles. Today, more than 100 employees work there and there is at least 200,000 kilos of laundry every week.

The acquisition fits in with Blycolin’s strategy of building a larger share of their own washing capacity. Important values of De Blinde, such as customer focus, partnership and innovation are well in line with Blycolin’s core values. “With this acquisition Blycolin adds a sixth laundry to the own portfolio of laundries. The acquisition will help us to achieve the planned growth of our company and the continuity of our services to our customers ”, says Marc van Boekholt, CEO of Blycolin.