Book 7 in the World of PTC series “Building new markets”

Over the last year CINET worked hard to compile the 7th edition in the book series. This new book written by Leon Wennekes, explains the latest market trends, opportunities for new businesses and services and how to develop them. The markets provide so many opportunities for PTC companies that it is really up to the PTC entrepreneurs to develop them. The book will be published on WOPCOM the CINET library platform and all attendants of the GBPAP20 Program will be offered a free access.

Book nr. 7 contains PTC global trends towards sustainability, market studies, examples of enabling relevant technologies and modern management techniques to Build new PTC markets, as well as many outstanding (and inspirational) showcases from all regions of the world.

Book 7 presentation by Peter Wennekes and Leon Wennekes, during GBPAP2020